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How many types of liquid Screed are available?
At SLS we have a screed for all types of projects and floors… here’s a quick guide:
Rapide A self-compacting, self-smoothing, fast-drying floor screed, 50mm will dry within 14 days.
Classic A general purpose screeding system. The most commonly used material in our range.
HTC Gypsol HTC (High Thermal Conductivity) for use with underfloor heating and cooling systems
TS-15 An ultra-thin screed for bonded and un-bonded applications at a minimum depth of 15mm.
TS-20 A thin screed suitable for bonded and un-bonded applications down to a 20mm minimum depth
XS Extra strength material for use in heavy-duty applications, where loading is likely to be higher than normal
TimBRE Specially formulated and tested for use in timber frame and over timber supported floors including acoustic conditions
Solida Designed to offer a cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly whole house heating solution. Ideal for the mass house market or single dwellings.
Summit To use for screeds pumped over very long distances or high buildings of 10 stories and above.
Modular Designed for use in modular construction to allow early movement of units. Also for a lightweight steel frame and Lewis Decking.
Can I use Liquid Screed with Under Floor Heating?
Liquid Screed has very good thermal properties, it conduct heat 30% better than sand and cement screeds, because it's pumped as a liquid, it not only self levels but it will completely encircle and encase the under floor heating pipes, ensuring no air pockets. Liquid Screed and UFH really do make for a great match. 
What depth of Screed do I need?
The depth of screed you require will depend on a number of factors, but you can use as little at 15mm. If you wish to lay liquid Screed over an Under Floor system the building regs state that 25mm above the Under Floor heating pipes/mats is required. If you need best and free advice call our technical team to discuss your project.
How much Liquid Screed can be poured in one day?
An experienced two man team can pour more than 500m in one day… Here at SLS our record is 1200m in one day… can you challenge us to beat that? 
Can I lay tiles onto of Liquid Screed?
Yes you can lay tiles on top of Liquid Screed… In fact you lay any type flooring onto Liquid Screed.
How fast does Screed Liquid Dry?
Building Regs state that all screeds dry at 1mm per day… But much depends on what type of screed and the environment in which the screed is laid.
If your project is time critical you can force dry our Liquid Screed’s with your Under Floor Heating system ( details of this are available within our care guide ). 
Alternatively our Rapide screed is very fast drying… 50mm will dry within 14 days.
Is there an Eco Friendly Screed?
Yes you can achieve Carbon Reductions of up to 95% using our Liquid Screeds, please contact us for a full and detailed data sheet.
Can I use Liquid Screed on my self build project?
As well respected flooring contractor SLS has helped many self builders, we can offer free best advice, advising on the make up of your floor, we can CAD design an Under Flooring Heating System that’s perfect for your build project, we can supply and fix all Insulation, DPM’s, UFHS and Liquid Screed.  
Is Under flooring Cost effective?
An UFH system is very fuel efficient, moreover you will not experience cold spots, you can regular the temperatures per room.
As you won’t need wall radiators you gain some valuable floor space too.
Can underfloor heating replace radiators?
Underfloor heating is a popular heating method that can used throughout any type of property. You can get rid of radiators completely.
Do I get a warranty with my underfloor heating?
Yes your SLS under flooring system will come with a 10 year warranty, so you have e complete peace of mind. 
Why should I choose SLS to design and install my Under Floor Heating System?
Many Builders, Developers and Contractors rely on SLS to deliver a 1st class flooring solution… please take a few moments to read some of our testimonials: 
What are the advantages of underfloor heating?
Benefits of underfloor heating systems. Underfloor heating systems are cited to be up to 25% more efficient than conventional radiators: Underfloor heating systems have a large surface area, practically turning the floor of any room into a giant radiator.
Can I access my Thermostat via my Smartphone?
Yes with SLS underfloor heating you can set and change settings via your mobile phone through an App… Wherever you are you have complete control of your heating system.
Can you run underfloor heating off a combi boiler?
Yes, Combi Boilers are fine with underfloor heating, 
What type of flooring works with underfloor heating?
Underfloor heating works well with:
Resin Flooring, Polished Concrete 
Stone Tiles wooden floors & laminate. Laminates and engineered wood, such as Kahrs flooring, have a good structural stability that allows them to perform well with UFH without the risk of warping. … 
Carpet & rugs. UFH can be used with most types of carpet. … 
Ceramic & porcelain tiles. … 
Vinyl & linoleum.
How I do regulate room temperature using underfloor heating?  
Under floor systems are designed into zones, for example if you have 7 rooms on the ground floor:
kitchen/breakfast room, utility room, lounge, sunroom, dinning room, toilet/wet-room, hall. Chances are you won’t need as much warm in the sunroom as you would in the lounge, working with our design team you can create as many zones as you wish/need, each will have a wall mounted thermostat.
Why use Underfloor Heating?
Because underfloor heating systems distribute heat more evenly than radiators, they actually use water at a lower heat than a radiator. This ensures that your boiler is more efficient.
Is underfloor heating expensive to run?
It costs less than 10p to run 1m2 of standard underfloor heating at full power for six hours. Although some people still expect underfloor heating to be expensive to run, the reality is that both the initial installation cost and the ongoing running expenses can represent great value for money. 
Polished concrete floors are low-maintenance, as they are durable and easy to clean. Its high coefficient of friction can make it non-slippery. Polished concrete reduces dust mite and allergen problems, and does not support mold growth.
Is a polished concrete floor expensive?
Polished concrete typically costs anything from £80 per m2 to £150 per m2. This puts it in the same bracket as high-end stone floorings. But you won't have to worry about the cost of screeding the floor first.
Are polished concrete floors slippery?
Polished concrete floors may look as smooth as glass, but they are completely safe to walk on when kept clean and dry. What's more, they tend to be less slippery than waxed linoleum or polished marble. ... Apply a sealer coat to polished concrete that contains an anti-slip grit additive.
Can any concrete floor be polished?
Almost any structurally sound concrete floor, whether new or old, can be polished. But there are some exceptions. For new floors, no special mix design is required to achieve good results. ... However, floors that are wavy, need extensive patching, or are extremely porous may not be good candidates for polishing.
How do you maintain polished concrete floors?
Maintaining Polished Concrete
Dust mop the floor daily with a microfiber pad to keep dirt particles off the floor.
If wet mopping the floor, always use clean water and clean mops.
When wet mopping, use a neutral floor cleaner formulated to suspend the dirt particles so they can be more easily removed.
Can you have underfloor heating with a polished concrete floor?
Does a polished concrete floor work with underfloor heating? The good news, if you're considering combining underfloor heating (UFH) with a polished concrete floor, is the short answer to the question is yes.

Get in touch with us for any further questions you may have.

What Our Customers Say

Sam Upton

Burras LTD

We used Southern Liquid Screeds to screed the property as they came highly recommended. They provided a very professional service and were very accommodating to our timescale. They only took a few hours to install around 200m2 of screed and left a brilliant finish. We would defiantly use them again.
Sam Upton
BURRAS Ltd logo

Jon Sawkins

Agincourt Contractors Ltd

For more than 4 years now, SLS have provided an excellent service from start to finish. Expert advice on the various products available to suit a particular project. Much quicker and a lot less hassle than a conventional screed. SLS will always try their best to accommodate tight deadlines.

Kevin Pickup 


After several plumbers giving me conflicting information re underfloor heating, I contacted SLS who very quickly, surveyed and quoted the job. they then, very efficiently installed the UFH over two days taking a lot of pressure off of me. 
My first time with a liquid screed.. effortless! Many thanks to Zak and the boys, who handled my job, dealing with all questions and issues painlessly.

Rich Potter

Home Owner, Norwich, East Anglia

Pat the floor is gorgeous and I can’t believe we will be living in a house with Polished Concrete!!
Simon and Martyn were awesome, very professional and huge amounts of pride in their work.
If we do ever build again or renovate then SLS be first on our list and I’ll continue to spread your good reputation throughout east Anglia! 
Thanks once again, I’m grateful for your patience and diligence… I believe we will be featured in a home magazine, for sure SLS will be credited.

Richard Hull

Home Owner, Ashford, Kent

I would like to echo the comments of earlier posts. Pat and his team are great guys to deal with. Very professional, very friendly and competitive on price. 175m2 of screed laid in less than half a day with absolutely no issues. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. 

Peter Kayworth

Home Owner, Soberton, Hampshire 

We had a difficult oak- framed extension project, we needed UFH and Screed to three different levels.  
Other solutions were a) expensive b) increased step height and c) involved a pre-level screed delaying the project. 
After discussing with SLS, they did the whole 40m2 job, designed and installed UFH with Anhydrite Screed, all done a day and half!  
The screed has been down 3 months with no cracking evident. A straight forward job with an efficient team that provide excellent support throughout. 
Very pleased.

M.A. Irwin

Building & Roofing Contractors Ltd

Peter, I have already recommended your company…  
Zak and the boys were very easy to deal with, very knowledgeable about the product and helpful with their advice as to what we needed to do, before and after the screed was laid. I believe this is definitely the way to go with screeding in the future, and I would not hesitate to use your company again.
All the best, Mark 

Kevin Coates

Works Manager, Winchester College

Dear Peter & Team,
We would just like to say, this is the first time we have used liquid screed and would like to congratulate you and your team on both service and quality. The product did what we wanted it to do and Southern Liquid Screed were excellent from start to finish.
Well done SLS !!

Oke Dauda,

Quantity Surveyor @ KnightBuild

We have worked with SLS on several projects and their services has been excellent. We particularly appreciated the design support that they provide to our project teams.
Knight Build

Barry Marks

Home Owner, Fareham, Hampshire

I used SLS for a Garage/playroom floor 30m2. The upfront support with the pricing and the many, many questions I asked was quite frankly awesome. Installation day came and they found a problem with the base and helped me rectify it as part of the site survey. Floor was poured and done within a few hours.
I had a few questions in the days that followed installation which the team helped me without groaning!
So the process was done and my favorite part came, out came the level……. my garage now has the most level floor of my whole house!

Gareth Evans

GTS Developments Ltd

Thanks again SLS for your prompt and professional service as always!

Drew Davison

Director. East West Refurbishment Ltd. Brighton

From first point of contact to the last cleaning of site and tools, SLS were prompt, polite and professional. 2 days after they had finished I was especially pleased to see the smooth level finish, spot on. Thanks folks! See you on the next job. 

Daniel Edwards Carpentry

Carpenter @ Daniel Edwards Carpentry

What these guys said they would do, they did, on time, at cost, clean and tidy, really good surface to lay floor over. 
Would not hesitate to encourage client to take up this product.

Grant White

G White Construction ltd

Would wholeheartedly recommend SLS to anyone who asks about liquid screed. First class service and after sales care. Used yourselves on my own house and will use in future on my costumers houses when appropriate.

Anand Kothari

Trout Rise Developments

Fantastic service provided by Pat and his team. We normally use traditional screeds on our projects but due to depth constraints we had to diversify and opted for a liquid screed solution. SLS were extremely helpful in guiding us through the process and went above and beyond what they were originally paid to do. The finish is excellent. Furthermore the prices were far more competitive than any in the local area. I would highly recommend this company to anyone considering liquid for their project.
Trout Rise logo

Andrea Apicella


Historically we have always used sand and cement screeds, but after meeting with Peter we chose to use SLS and their Liquid Screed solution, the results were brilliant, fast, clean and very effective, we shall be using Liquid Screed in the future and working with SLS again. Highly recommend their services.
NU: logo

Giles Chaplin

Sovereign Land Development Ltd

We have used SLS as it offers a far superior product and finish compared to traditional methods for a similar cost. We have found them to be punctual and skillful professionals. 


Home Owner, Rustington, West Sussex

Zak and the Southern Liquid Screed team did a superb job on 116m2 of liquid screed. They were efficient from the moment they turned up and had the job done within hours. No mess, no drama just reliable professionalism. It’s what comes with specialist experience. These boys know how to liquid screed, no question. 

Graham Reynolds

KJN Home Improvements

Just completed liquid screed to new stand alone house in Winchester - approx. area of floor 150m2 - competitive price, on time, nice finish to screed

David Grech

Managing Director Val Build Group

Hi Guys,
Happy to give a referral for your services, which were carried out professionally, at short notice & in good time

Darren Gilbey


Good morning Zak, Joe
With regards to working with SLS it was trouble free from start to finish, we were very impressed in how the guy’s worked.

Barry Taylor


We instructed SLS to lay a Liquid screed to a project in Portsmouth, a pre survey was undertaken and a price agreed. The team who undertook the work were professional and executed the works to a very high standard. I would have no problem in highly recommending the whole team at SLS. 
Barry Taylor, Portsmouth

Mark Robins

Home Owner Southampton

We are very pleased with the work undertaken by SLS, the team arrived early on the day and got to work quickly and efficiently. They were very helpful and professional and the job was carried out in a timely and tidy fashion, I would recommend their services without hesitation.

Darren Farley

Synergy PHR

For more than 4 years and throughout 20 projects, SLS has been our “go to” contractor for liquid screed. Throughout 20 projects across Southern England they have never let us down and often gone beyond what was required to ensure each and every installation was completed on time and within budget. We here at Synergy PHR look forward to their continued support with our HANSE HAUS projects. 
We would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone seeking a Screed/Flooring Contractor.
Darren Farley, Synergy PHR

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