Need a Concrete Slab for your Refurb project or Extension?

Need a Concrete Slab for your Refurb project or Extension?

SLS Politerm Blu
SLS Politerm Blu saves time and money, Say Goodbye to Insulation Boards !

Use SLS Politerm Blu Super Lightweight Thermal Insulating Base Screed:

Super light aggregates
Fuel savings
Saves time
Saves money
The complete range of super light and high thermal insulating aggregates based on pre-coated virgin EPS beads with controlled density.


Each bead is coated at production stage with EIA additive. This enables perfect mixing with water and cement producing a homogenous distribution of beads thus preventing beads from surfacing or bonding together.

Why Choose SLS Politerm Blu?

Thermal Efficiency
Speed Of Installation ( is pumped )
Easy To Place
Reduced Material Wastage
Rapid Curing (dries at 10mm per day )
CE Marking
Compliant With BS EN 16025-1:2103

The immediate advantages of the SLS Politerm Blu screed are:
Sub base preparation. The base needs to be perfectly flat in conventional build ups to ensure there are no voids beneath the rigid insulation boards.
SLS Politerm Blu screed is poured directly onto the dpm and takes up any unevenness ( no need to use Celotex or Kingspan )
Insulation boards need to be measured and cut to size ensuring minimal gaps between boards. The off cuts contribute to project wastage and costs.
The exact amount of SLS Politerm Blu screed required is pumped directly onto the dpm.
A slip sheet is required over the insulation boards to prevent the screed or concrete mix getting around and between the insulation boards.
Not required using SLS Politerm Blu.
A movement joint is required around the slab  perimeter to allow for expansion and contraction.
Shrinkage/expansion is minimal in a SLS Politerm Blu screed.
The conventional screed above (65mm thick) will take 65 days to cure.
The SLS Politerm Blu screed will cure in just 14 days.
Watch SLS Politerm Blu being delivered to site:
Watch SLS Politerm Blu being poured
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