Drying Times for Liquid Screed

Liquid Screed Home Extension
Liquid Screed Home Extension

Drying Times for Liquid Screed

How fast does liquid screed dry?

Is a question we hear often and for good reason too, projects are time critical,  so choosing a screed that not only adheres to all standards but dries super flat, smooth and fast ( without cracking or curling ) is important.
In late 2016 with view a to clearing up some misunderstandings with regards screed drying times,  GYPSOL contacted Action Dry Emergency Services Ltd requesting they conduct an independent trial.
In short:  Our liquid Screeds can be forced dried within 12 days if used in conjunction with an underfloor heating system!
If your project requires screed, don’t use sand and cement, think of the environment, our Liquid Screed have a much lower carbon footprint see further details here:  https://www.southernliquidscreed.com/reduce-carbon-footprint-use-sls-liquid-screed/
Even our range of Coloured Screed are quick drying and Eco Friendly
SLS Coloured Liquid Screed
SLS have developed a range of coloured liquid screeds
Contact us today to discuss how using our fast drying eco friendly liquid screed will save you time and money.
Call:  023 93 079 158


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